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Sage Community Management is unique in the community association management business because we are sincerely interested in each community’s improvement and progress. Our primary goal is to bring each community together converting neighborhoods from a collection of different individuals to a community of people working together for their collective betterment. We will work to challenge leaders and members to seek improvement while bringing a little life and fun into each community.
No matter where you live or the type of home that you own, you should be fortunate enough to live in a community that feels like it is yours, or in other words… a community managed by Sage Community Management.

The following points govern our daily work and service:

We understand that we work for the homeowners and need to answer to them every day; however, we implement the directives of the Board of Directors.

We seek improvement in every community that we serve and do all that we can to improve the look, effectiveness, and involvement in each community that we manage.

We serve as a consultant or advisor to the Board to help effectively govern the communities that we serve. As an advisor we may suggest a course of action, provide background information, or complete needed research all at the direction of the Board of Directors.

We treat all who communicate with us with respect, courtesy, and understanding. It is our goal to help educate all about the benefits and responsibilities of living in a managed community.

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“Sage Community Management was able to organize our accounting practices; bring consistency to community guidelines; and helped us to increase our reserve fund. They are exceptional in their industry!”


Lehi, Utah


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